Basic Information

Mecomb is a subsidiary of Sime Darby Industrial in Southeast Asia. Established in 1953 in Singapore, the company was originally known as Mechanical and Combustion Engineering Company Private Limited. In 1964, Mecomb set its foot in Malaysia and is now headquartered in Puchong, Selangor.

Since its inception, Mecomb has strived to supply internationally recognized, state-of-the-art engineering products and services to benefit the local community. We also believe in our commitment to our customers, rendering superior local technical support and services.

Mecomb comprises five key business arms, which in turn, oversees the development and growth of each respective sector. Namely, they are:

• Electrical Component Supply Solutions
• Mechanical Industrial Solutions
• Scientific Solutions
• Control and Automation Solutions
• Navigation Solutions (Motion Smith)
Our History

Motion Smith was established.

Mecomb Singapore was established by Wladimir Petro, a Russian civil engineer who ventured into Singapore "to start a new chapter in his life".

Public Works Department of  Malaya purchased Mecomb’s steam kualis for the kitchens of the Malay Regiment.

With continual trade ongoing with with our neighbouring state, plans for first regional base were  put into motion. Hence, ​Mecomb Malaysia was established.

A shift in vision to establish Mecomb Group as a regional leader in industrial and engineering  solutions led to our third regional base - Mecomb Thailand.

The unprecedented growth of Mecomb Group caught the eye of an industrial giant. Sime Darby  Berhad acquired Mecomb Group and Motion Smith.

Successes in the industrial and engineering industry regionally garnered the attention for new  potential partnerships - and our fourth regional base Mecomb Indonesia, in Jakarta was born.

Just one year later, opportunity arose to replicate the success in West Java in the other end of  the Indonesian peninsula and hence, a second Indonesian base was established in Surabaya.

Mecomb Group achieved ISO 9002 Certification from SISIR for its Sales and Services activities  as well as its Manufacturing Operations.

Motion Smith was merged with Mecomb Group, forming the fifth essential ​division​ of the five  business arms of Mecomb.
With strong partnership with our principals, a dedicated team of specialists and a well-established customer base, Mecomb is ever ready to partner with your organization to seize new opportunities and open new doors to the ever fast-changing competitive industry.